About Atgenomix SeqsLab#

Atgenomix SeqsLab is a cloud-native biomedical informatics platform that empowers biotech R&D and clinical laboratories to design, develop, and operate industry standard orchestrated multimodal workflow automation of biomedical data, analytics, and machine learning.

Implement Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) standards that orchestrate industry bioinformatics framework, containerized WDL workflows, and cloud computing infrastructures, allowing bioinformaticians, scientists and investigators to manage dataset integration, analysis automation, workload acceleration, regulatory compliance, and to ensure code, data, and execution integrity.

Use your own pipeline tools and have complete control over your workflows without worrying about computing complexities and production compatibility. You can focus on your analysis and ensure that your design data is reusable and interoperable across different workflows and production environments.

Why use SeqsLab?#

SeqsLab allows you to use industry open standards, so you can focus on your data, algorithms, and workflows. We do this by standardizing the bioinformatics production process and by using:

  • Container-based software processes

  • Responsible dataset integration

  • Fully-managed cluster computing

  • Cost-performance optimized resource provisioning

  • Security, compliance, and audit trail management

Out of the box, SeqsLab complies with the following industry standards and best practices:

  • OpenWDL for describing workflow design using human readable language

  • GA4GH workflow execution service API for providing a standard programmatic way to run and manage workflows

  • GA4GH data repository service API for enabling cloud-based data access and retrieval

  • GA4GH tool registry service API for listing and describing Docker-based tools and WDL workflows in a secure Azure container registry

  • GA4GH Phenopackets v2.0 for sharing and structuring phenotypic data about a patient or individual

  • HL7 FHIR for describing data formats and elements and an API for exchanging electronic health records (EHRs)

  • ISO 27001 information security management system

For the full list of security frameworks and regulations, see Compliance.

Features and benefits#

SeqsLab includes the following features:



Data hub integration

Orchestrate, govern, and streamline workload integration of diverse input and output across heterogeneous data repositories in a standard way.

Tooling Docker containers

Build, secure, and manage trusted pipeline command tools to assure quality, consistency, and compliance across environments.

On-demand runtime systems

Automate and optimize workflow execution with elastic and fully-managed high-performance computing in parallel.

Global network, regional provisioning

Control owned infrastructure and scale to service needs compliant with regional data governance requirements.

Common use cases#

The Atgenomix BioMed-IT platform offers an integrated solution stack of cloud services and software components for data integration, tool engineering, analysis automation, workload acceleration, regulatory compliance management, and more.

Atgenomix provides solutions for accelerating precision medicine.

  • NGS informatics and clinical genomics - Scale your clinical diagnostics portfolio globally with bring-your-own-design (BYOD) pipelines for cancer panels, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), whole exome/genome analysis, and more. Build once and deploy anywhere.

  • Healthcare and life sciences - Build large-scale multi-omics databases linking phenotype and genotype details to enable investigators to study more complete models of disease. Accelerate your research with the applications of machine learning.

  • Bioinformatics developers - Create your own cloud biomedical software solutions with a low-code platform, automated bioinformatics framework, and intrinsic regulatory compliance. Release new products at record-breaking speed.

Operating environments#

SeqsLab provides both a web-based console and a command line interface to securely access platform functions and services. You can use a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome) or terminal (e.g., Linux shell) to operate your workflow process production on a desktop/laptop computer or on a server in a datacenter with internet connection, if the organization allows it.

Cloud application registration and subscription#

You can get the SeqsLab Console and SeqsLab API apps from the Microsoft commercial marketplace. You can subscribe to it like a typical app, grant the necessary application permissions, and register SeqsLab as an enterprise application on your own Azure subscription account. For details, see Deploy SeqsLab on Azure.