SeqsLab Jobs#

SeqsLab Jobs is a standardized workflow management system that builds on a cloud-native infrastructure and extends Cromwell, a workflow engine from the Broad Institute.

Open standards, unified technologies#

SeqsLab Jobs combines the industry’s leading open standards and unifies open source technologies to create an interoperable and compliant environment. It leverages the benefits of a data lake architecture, an optimized workflow engine, and Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) APIs to deliver speed, scalability, and optimization.

More specifically, SeqsLab Jobs provides a workflow compiler that takes the analysis applications and workflows, and compiles them to run in one or many distributed CPU/GPU cluster. Each workflow task is then executed with in-memory parallel processing acceleration and scalable data flow management.

Furthermore, SeqsLab implements the GA4GH tool registry service that allows for an interoperable library of analysis tools and facilitates scalable container workloads. Meanwhile, the workflow execution service brings your analysis tools to your data and runs in an on-demand high-performance cluster computing and the GA4GH phenopackets enable the computable representation of phenotypic data and genomics interpretation.

Fully-managed cluster computing#

The platform provisions fully-managed cluster computing resources, giving you the ability to tailor each level of workflow execution based on your data volume and turnaround time requirements. You can optimize cost and performance using the combined power of dedicated and spot instances. In fact, SeqsLab makes it possible to have as many as 3,000 partitions at any given time without having to manually configure a single cluster. The platform is also smart enough to pick up where it left off in the event that a data upload or task process is interrupted.

Future-proof workflows#

Using OpenWDL with SeqsLab simplifies the development life cycle of data processing workflows from start to finish. Write your own WDL workflows and directly execute WDL scripts on the fully-managed, high-performance infrastructure of the SeqsLab platform. SeqsLab can run a variety of detection and analysis applications and connect to a variety of bioinformatics and SQL tools.

Data data, code and execution integrity#

Out of the box, SeqsLab complies with industry standards and best practices to ensure data and workload integrity at all times.

To learn more about how to use SeqsLab Jobs, see Manage your jobs.