Request Azure backend quota#

After the workspace is created, the next step is to request the computation resource quota for the workspace. The SeqsLab workspace uses Azure Batch as the backend computation management service on Azure.

The Batch account is deployed in Batch service mode by default. The global administrator needs to request for the computation quota to ensure that the batch account has sufficient computation resources.

The following is the recommended resource quota for staging or small scale production testing, where up to 2300 CPU cores and 50 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU cards computing power can be allocated as 100 distinct batch clusters simultaneously.

Active jobs and job schedules per Batch account: 100
Pools per Batch account: 100
low priority size: 1000
Dv2 series: 1000
NCSv3 Series: 300
Public IP Addresses - Basic: 100
Public IP Addresses - Standard: 100

For other use cases, such as when conducting an extra large population cohort study workflow or GPU intensive workflows, please contact SeqsLab support for a more detailed computation scaling consultation.

To request a quota increase on Azure(external link), you will need to reach out to Azure support. This process typically takes a few business days to complete.

Next steps#

If you are deploying SeqsLab on Azure, below is the next step in the process: