Docker Hub#

Docker Hub is the largest repository of container images, housing an array of content sources, which encompass container community developers, open-source projects, and independent software vendors (ISVs) that build and distribute their code using containers.

Register Container Registry#

Obtain the Container Registry Information with the following steps:

  1. To authenticate, you’ll need to generate a personal access token (PAT). When generating the personal access token, ensure that you select a minimum of the following scopes:

  • read

  • write: If you want to upload the package to login_server, please provide the necessary permissions.

  1. Make sure that you note down one of the personal access token shown on the screen.

  2. Define the following:

  • login_server:<NAMESPACE>

  • username: Docker Hub username

  • password: Docker Hub personal account token, or Dockerhub account password (not recommended)


Replace NAMESPACE with the name of the personal account or organization to which you want the image to be scoped.

  1. Proceed to CLI command to register the container registry.