Workspace subcommands#

Table 9 Workspace subcommands#




container-registry (cr)

Display the connection information for workspace.container_registry.

--workspace STR
Specify the workspace based on the signed in account (required).


Create a workspace.

--name STR
Specify the workspace name.
--location {eastus, eastus2, southcentralus, westus2, westus3,australiaeast, southeastasia, northeurope, swedencentral, uksouth,westeurope, centralus, northcentralus, westus, southafricanorth,centralindia, eastasia, japaneast, koreacentral, canadaentral, francecentral, germanywestcentral}
Specify the workspace location (required).


Display a list of available workspaces.

Enable to display the full workspace information. Otherwise, only display the brief description.
Enabling this option is not recommended because the workspace information might be too long.
--system {wes,drs,trs}
Specify the workspace API that you want to use.
--output STR
Specify the stdout format (default = json).


Query workspace creation status using a given task ID.

--task-id STR
Create a workspace task ID.