Deploy SeqsLab on Azure#


  • A Microsoft email account

  • An Azure account

  • A command line interface (CLI) tool such as the Windows Command Prompt or the Mac Terminal

Get SeqsLab from the Azure marketplace#

  1. Go to the Azure marketplace listing for SeqsLab.

  2. Click Get It Now.

  3. If you’re not yet signed in to your Azure account, you will be prompted to do so.
    A confirmation message displays.

  4. Read the permission sharing information and then click Continue.
    The app overview information displays.

  5. Select the plan and then click Create.

  6. Complete the required configuration details.


    You can click the information (info) icon to better understand the requested information for each field.



    The Azure AD account specified in the Global administrator field must be assigned to an Azure AD account with a Cloud Application Administrator role or a higher role for subscription-wide admin consent.

  7. Click Review + create.
    Azure verifies the information you have provided.

  8. After the validation is complete, review the app settings and the terms. Under the Co-Admin Access Permission section, you must select the box to signify your agreement with the terms and conditions.

  9. Click Create.
    Azure starts deploying resources to your subscription. The process takes about 20 minutes. When completed, the Managed applications screen appears.